We offer you all the examinations, consultations and preventive care prescribed in the maternity guidelines and much more. These include pregnancy diagnosis, ultrasound checks, CTGs, blood tests and detailed advice on nutrition and behavior during pregnancy.

At your request, we can also carry out useful supplementary ultrasound examinations and further blood tests to rule out important infectious diseases (e.g. cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, ringworm) in Hamburg Rahlstedt.

We accompany you as an expectant mother every step of the way and provide our expertise in the care of high-risk and high-risk pregnancies.

Are you looking for a competent, reliable gynecologist for your pregnancy care in Hamburg? then you will feel that you are in good hands with us.

Naturally, breastfeeding is absolutely important to us, so we support you during your pregnancy to prepare for this important phase after the birth. You can also rely on us for any problems that arise during the postpartum period.

Your gynecologist for “all about pregnancy” and prenatal diagnostics in Hamburg

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Prevention and vaccinations

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Prenatal diagnostics - DEGUM II

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Desire to have children

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Gynecology and urogynecology

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