Prenatal diagnostics in the third trimester of pregnancy. Doppler examination, fetal echocardiography, Oxford CTG.

Prenatal diagnostics in the III. trimester of pregnancy

In third trimester screening, emphasis is placed on the baby’s blood flow, which is achieved with the help of Doppler sonography. We offer color Doppler, low-motion color Doppler, spectral Doppler as well as the combination of these methods with 4D and B-scan. This allows risk factors for fetal diseases such as growth restriction and pregnancy-related diseases such as pre-eclampsia to be detected. In addition, some diseases such as certain heart defects and skeletal dysplasias only develop in later stages of pregnancy. For this reason, the child’s organs are assessed in our prenatal diagnostics consultation in the third trimester despite the difficult acoustic conditions.

Doppler examination during pregnancy

Doppler sonography in pregnancy is an ultrasound examination technique in which the blood flow in the vessels of the fetus and placenta is examined. A special ultrasound device is used, which uses the Doppler effect to visualize the blood flow. Insufficient blood flow to the placenta can, for example, lead to an undersupply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus (known as placental insufficiency). Various fetal and maternal diseases can lead to this.

Doppler sonography can also be used during pregnancy to detect possible indications of a malformation or illness in the fetus. By examining the blood flow in the various vessels, for example, signs of a heart malformation or a chromosomal disorder can be detected.

The maternity guidelines provide for Doppler sonography to be performed during pregnancy for the following indications:

1. suspected intrauterine growth retardation
2. pregnancy-induced hypertension/pre-eclampsia/eclampsia
3. condition after miscarriage/intrauterine fetal death
4. condition after pre-eclampsia/eclampsia
5. abnormalities in the fetal heart rate recording
6. reasonable suspicion of malformation/fetal disease
7. multiple pregnancy with discordant growth
8. clarification of suspected heart defects/heart disease.

Monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.

In our specialist practice for prenatal medicine, we set the highest standards of fetal monitoring. We utilize our many years of experience in Doppler sonography and use the best CTG devices and software, in particular the so-called Oxford CTGs. By using the latest technology, we can provide even better care for our youngest patients.

High-risk pregnancy, IUGR, Oxford CTG

Is the Doppler examination safe for my child?

According to several scientific studies, sonographic examinations pose no risk to you or your child. The Doppler examination is generally safe for the fetus and is not associated with any known risks. The ultrasound waves used are non-ionizing, which means that they do not emit any harmful radiation. However, they can generate some heat.
We carry out every Doppler examination in our practice according to the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and the high level of experience of the examiner, we are able to minimize exposure to ultrasound waves without compromising diagnostic accuracy.

What is important to us?

In addition to competent and comprehensive advice and treatment, we attach great importance to customized, individual medicine.

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All ultrasound examinations in the field of prenatal diagnostics are certified according to the criteria of the following organizations:

Professional association of practicing prenatal physicians
Professional association of practicing prenatal physicians

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