Menopause - Menopause

On average, women experience the menopause at the age of 51-52, but around 1% of women are already surprised by it under the age of 40, and one in 1000 women even under the age of 30.
Chronic diseases such as diabetes and smoking can cause the menopause to occur earlier.
Eight out of ten women experience the following symptoms during the menopause:
Hot flushes
Hair loss
Weight gain
Tiredness and sleep disorders
Joint pain
Dryness of the mucous membranes
Pain during sexual intercourse
Palpitations or heart palpitations
Osteoporosis is a serious condition whose risk increases after the menopause.
These symptoms can occur several years before the menopause.

You will undergo a hormone test, which will provide information about your hormonal situation. The result gives us an indication of the right therapy for you.

Our strength lies in selecting customized hormones (bioidentical hormones) and therapy recommendations.

You are welcome to visit our practice in Hamburg Rahlstedt for advice on your menopausal symptoms.
We will find a suitable solution for you.

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