Dr. med. Maciej P. Czugalinski

Frauenarzt in Hamburg Rahlstedt Dr.med. Maciej Czugalinski und Hartmut W. Klein

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
Special obstetrics and perinatology
Ultrasound expert DEGUM level II
Gynecology and obstetrics Level II (prenatal sonography)
Gynecology and obstetrics Level II (Gynecologic sonography)
FMF London – certified NT Specialist

Care for high-risk and high-risk pregnancies
Multiple pregnancies
Full scope of prenatal diagnostics
Gynecologic sonography IOTA (certified)
Breast sonography
Fertility consultation
Gynecological pre- and aftercare
Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases
Hormone replacement therapy
Contraception, IUDs (all types)
Aesthetic medicine

married, 2 children


Establishment in the practice for gynecology and prenatal diagnostics, Schweriner Str. 10, Hamburg
Head of prenatal diagnostics and therapy
Senior consultant
in Perinatal Center Level I in Kath. Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg
Chief physician representative
Doctorate on the topic: "Ultrasonographic signs of feto-fetal transfusion syndrome and selective growth restriction in monochorial-diamnial twin pregnancies", University of Lübeck
Specialist certification: special obstetrics and perinatology
Senior physician for prenatal diagnostics, obstetrics, gynecology and obstetrics. Outpatient clinic, Asklepios Clinic Wandsbek Hamburg
Specialist training: University Medical Center Göttingen and AK. Wandsbek Hamburg

Membership in professional associations: