Information for referring physicians for prenatal diagnostics

Prenatal diagnostics play a decisive role in the early detection of possible genetic or structural anomalies in the unborn child. However, given the potential implications of the diagnosis, it is advisable to get a second opinion. A second opinion enables parents to compare different medical points of view and make informed decisions.

It is important to note that a second opinion can also help to reduce parents’ uncertainties and fears. A prenatal diagnosis can be a worrying time, and the thought of having another professional review and confirm the results can give parents more confidence and help them make informed decisions.

Are you a referrer and would like to present a patient to us for a second opinion?

We kindly ask you to make an appointment by calling 0177 677 80 72 or online at In urgent cases, please call us.

Please also give your patient a referral slip.

We will be happy to provide your patient with a report on our treatment. We will send you the findings in advance by fax as well as by post and, on request, also by eDoctor’s letter. We will also be happy to call you to discuss the findings.

On request, we also offer joint care including Oxford CTGs in cases of complicated high-risk pregnancies.

Dr. Czugalinski can almost always be reached by e-mail at:

Thank you for your trust!

Your trusted prenatal diagnostics team in Hamburg East.

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prenatal diagnostics

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Information for referring physicians